Starting in November HR will be running indoor cycling workouts at Cycling Elements in Orangeville.   Starting the third week of November (Ending April 1st)   (You must have your own bike)

This is our 16th Season of going south for spring training and now we are offering more.    The camp is designed to teach you everything you need to set yourself

HR Rewards Program Giving back to those who support us. Current and Future HR Clients Since getting home from Kona I’ve been working on ways for Healthy Results to grow

By HRT Coach Alex VanderLinden With the Ontario heat and humidity turned up here are a few tips to keep you performing at your best in training and racing. 1.

By Coach and Dr. Cindy Because of the three sports, and therefore the decreased volume in a particular sport as compared to a single sport athlete, triathletes tend to experience

GROUP TRAINING DAY MAY 23rd , 2015 EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Swim Gear Your own bike and bike gear Running Gear WHO IS THIS DAYS DESIGNED FOR If you are an HR

Triathlon on your Bucket List? Always wanted to try one but don’t know where to start? You are invited to our FREE Info Session Tuesday, March 3, 7.00pm Running Free

HRT’s three steps to a balanced swimming program in 2015. As you develop your triathlon training it’s important to appreciate there are key steps to take to reach your potential

Here are three things that will totally make sense to you, but that I see athlete forget to do each year. 1. If you are not coached make sure that

Test Protocols and Benchmark Workouts It’s around this time of year that athlete start to line of their season ahead.  A great way to start is to do a workout